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What is automatic program updates ?

I get a question from my security software about DDBPlayer or Autoupd.exe trying to access the internet ?

Do I need the additional components ?

Installing the extra components

The installation hangs at the end

I get an error 430/3706 when starting DDBPlayer

Why register ?

Can I use DDBPlayer without registering ?


What is automatic program updates ?

When you use the DDBPlayer it will check the DDBPlayer internet site for new versions of DDBPlayer. If there is a new version you will be asked if you want to download and install it. This function can be set on the Tools->Options menu.

I get a question from my security software about DDBPlayer or Autoupd.exe trying to access the internet?

The automatic update function of DDBPlayer will try to access www.ddbplayer.com to check for new versions of the player, or to download MDAC components. If your security software ask for permission, give it. This is not a security risk at all, but is included for your convinience.

Do I need the full installation package ?

If you have one of the following, you probably don't need to install the full package, but the basic one:

bulletWindows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
bulletMS Office 2000 or MS Office XP
bulletInternet Explorer 6.0 or higher
bulletMDAC 2.1 (2.6 recommended) or higher and Jet 4.0 drivers (included in IE 6.0 or higher)

If you have problems with the basic package, see Installing the extra components

Installing the extra components

When starting DDBPlayer it will check for these components and try to download them. If this does not work, go to the download page, and download the full version with the extra components.

Installation problems

If you experience on of the following problems:

- Error with msinet.ocx. Then you have to install Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.
- Error 3706 when starting DDBPlayer (Jet 4.0 drivers not installed. See Installing the extra components)
- Other database errors

then you must install the extra components. See Installing the extra components

What do I get when registering DDBPlayer ?

When you register (purchase) DDBPlayer you get a lifetime personal license. You can use that license on all your computers. Home PC's and  one work PC. Does not include commercial use.

You will also get rid of the shareware notice screen that pop up at startup, and during use. Some functions like the Volume gain adjustment and Batch tag edit have limited functionality when not registered.

And you will help us to continue to develop DDBPlayer into a even better one. This small fee is not much to ask if you like the program. Shareware is based on delivering programs at a very low cost. And that customers who find the program useful show their gratitude by paying a small amount to the developers. This makes it possible to develop much cheaper software for you. More info about purchasing here.

Can I use DDBPlayer without registering ?

Yes, you can. But you will get the shareware notice screen at startup and during use, and limited fucntionality. For the reasons metioned above we urge you to contribute to the developers.


Send mail to webmaster@ddbplayer.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 09/23/02