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In the pipeline

- Gracenote CDDB support. This is a lookup function that will fill in MP3/OGG information such as Artist, Album and Title. It will also be possible to see the bibliography.


Version 3.9.5

- Play/Play this next is added to the popup menu in sourcelist also
- By pressing Alt+Del in play play/sourcelist, files will also be deleted from the disk. Will also delete it from Snapshots. Must be set in Tools->Options
- Option to skip files that is not found while playing. Tools->Options
- Comment field can now be shown in play/sourcelist
- Enter key plays a song in the playlist. Same as functionality as Space key
- Batch tag editing will now give you the option to load MP3 files from a location
- Minor bug fixes

Version 3.9.4

- New useful function: by marking one/more songs in the playlist and right-click mouse you have an option to play these songs after the currently playing song
- Search functionality in the playlist. Click on the magnifying glass in the playlist header
- Option to insert silence between songs. Tools -> Options
- Much faster move entries up/down in the playlist
- Minor bug fixes

Version 3.9.3

- New unique function: Choose what Windows sound scheme to use while running DDBPlayer.
     Get rid of those annoying event sounds when listening to music. (Tools->Options)
- Dotted grid around the Play/Sourcelist headings. Makes it easier to scale the column widths
- Save on exit will also save the playlist (Tools -> Options)
- Changed the file menu to make access to Snapshots easier since Snapshots is the preferred
 method of load/save play/sourcelist
- The old playlist format (M3U) is moved to Import/Export
- Fixed an error when compacting database at exit
- Option if the cursor should follow the playing song entry in playlist (Tools -> Options)

Version 3.9.2

- The view of the play/sourcelist can be user defined
    - Font size
    - Which columns to be shown
    - Rearrange the order of the columns
    - Multi level sort in sourcelist
    - Resize columns

Version 3.9.0

- Integrated file manager. Optimized for DDBPlayer.
- New option to save sourcelist at exit, and load on startup.
- Minor bug fixes

Version 3.8.0

- Volume adjust function. Aren't you tired of always have to adjust the volume to make the output level of all songs the same ? This function does this for you
- Edit MP3 properties and Batch tag editing will now update the values in Snapshots, play/sourcelist and volume gain table automatically
- Fixed a problem when trying to insert non unique filenames into Sourcelist
- Minor bug fixes

Version 3.7.x

- New batch MP3 fileinfo function. For updating multiple tags fast and easy.
- Minor bug fixes

Version 3.6.0

- Support for Norwegian language
- Minor bug fixes

Version 3.5.0

- User defined hotkeys for player operation while in background.
- Improved update check

Version 3.4.0

- OGG tag editor.

Version 3.3.x

- DDBplayer tutorial. On the Help menu.
- Improved MDAC/Jet check

Version 3.2.x

- OGG Vorbis suport. This is the new audio format with better quality than MP3
- Context sensitive help
- Midi support
- Improved setup/update program
- Fixed some strange characters in Win9x
- Fixed a bug when having 256 colors. The playbuttons did not work.
- Minor bug fixes

Version 3.1

- Open music button in the playinfo area
- Updated help function
- Better program update functionality
- Even more userfriendly
- New keyboard shortcuts
- Changes in the menu structure

Version 3.0

- Faster music engine
- Spectrum analyzer (look at the window menu)
- Automatic update. Checks the DDBPlayer site for updates

Version 2.9.43

- Updated the help file
- Improved the MP3 ID3 edit
- Included hyperlinks

Version 2.9.42

- Fixed a bug where repeated installations caused multiple entries in the Add/Remove programs
- Improved setup program

Version 2.9.41

- Added the Windows menu where you can choose how much of the DDBPlayer window you want to see
- Fixed a bug with database links
- Fixed some DDE bugs

Version 2.9.40

- First release on the WEB


In the summer of 2002, David De Bono began to develop a MP3 player/playlist editor. While programs such as WinAmp gives great flexibility in media formats, he wanted to make one with more focus on user friendliness and playlist editing. The finished product, DDBPlayer is very easy to read and operate. And gives great flexibility in editing playlists. Many people use their MP3 player for just playing songs, and making playlist. It's not the intetion of DDBPlayer to support as many formats as WinAmp, neither the often hard to use/read interface of other players.


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Last modified: 09/23/02