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Product information

DDBPlayer is a very powerful and easy to use media player. The main focus is on creating and playing playlist, in addition to filtering and searching. These features makes it different from most other media players. And the unique functions of volume adjustment and batch tag editing.


bulletSupports MP3/Ogg/Midi and Wav files
bulletVolume adjust function. Aren't you tired of always have to adjust the volume to make the output level of all songs the same ? This function does this for you
bulletThis option will change the sound scheme to a chosen one while DDBplayer is active. Select the sound scheme you want to use in the dropdown box. With this unique option you can rid of those irritating windows event sounds (like new mail) when listening to music.
bulletSupports English/Norwegian language
bulletUses a database for playlist storage and fast operations
bulletNo limit on the number of songs
bulletEdit MP3/OGG file info. Such as artist, title, year etc. Supports V1 and V2
bulletBatch MP3 file info editing. The most easy and fast solution ever.
bulletFilter (search) songs based on filename, artist, title, album and year
bulletFind songs in playlist
bulletEasy queing of songs in the playlist
bulletRe-arrange playlists by movings songs up and down
bulletSorting (Up to three levels)
bulletCustomize the view of the lists
bulletSpectrum analyzer
bulletIntegrated file manager. Optimized for DDBPlayer.
bulletAutomatic updates from the DDBPlayer homesite
bulletLoad and save playlists (snapshots) at lightning speed
bulletCopy & paste to/from Windows File Explorer and other file lists
bulletDrag & drop from Windows File Explorer and other file lists like Adaptec EasyCD
bulletRandomize the playlist
bulletSupports the M3U playlist format (same as WinAmp)
bulletFull keyboard support. Makes it easy to control the program using the keyboard
bulletContext sensitive help/Tutorial
bulletBig and clear screens. This makes it much more easy to operate
bulletEasy to control in the background by using a systray icon/hotkeys for play operations
bulletAutomatic program updates
bulletRuns on Win95/Win98/Win Me/NT4/Win 2000/Win XP
bulletScreen resolution must be 1024x768 or higher to operate
bullet16K colors or higher is highly recommended

DDBPlayer is shareware. That means that you can use and distribute it freely. And for a small fee
($12.99) you can register it. When registering you will not get the shareware notice and get full functionality.

This enables the author to continue developing the program so that you can enjoy it even more.


Send mail to webmaster@ddbplayer.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 09/23/02